Privacy Policy

Like many other companies, we and the third parties, which we work with, can use cookies and other web technologies and traffic tracking technologies like flash-cookie, web beakons (web bugs) and pixel tags. This provision describes technologies that we use, the third parties, which we work with, and actions that you can take to reject.

About technologies

File cookie is a small text file placed in web-browser of your computer or mobile devices on web-sites which you visit. With cookies, web-site or application can store information in your browser or device, and read this information later. Cookies can stop to operate at the end of session of the web-site use (when the web-browser is closed) or after a certain period of time.

Web beacons (bugs) and pixel tags are transparent pixel images or similar tracking technologies that, when loaded or launched, are used to collect information about the use of the web-site or other activities.

Objectives of using of technology

Identification. We place and read cookies to recognize you when you are logged in the system and to direct you to the correct Wikium product.

Advantages, safety and functionality. We use cookies to provide personalized settings or other functions.

Advertising. We or our trusted third-party partners who help us to place ads, can use tracking technologies to find out whether people have seen the advertisement about Wikium elsewhere and visited us later. This is discussed in more detail below.

Support service. We work with a third-party company Carrotquest to help to support our website. Supporting users, Carrotquest can host session cookies on your device.

Quality of work and analytics. We also use cookies to understand, analyze and improve the Wikium project. For example, we use cookies to understand how users navigate the Wikium site so that we can improve the product and interact with the user better. To help us with this, we work with third-party partners, including Google Analytics and Yandex Metrics, which also host and read cookies and other tracking technologies to provide these analytics services to us.

About our advertising

Perhaps you've seen an advertisement for Wikium on the Internet. Some reliable third parties help us with this advertisement. They use tracking technology on other websites, on the Wikium website, to track the placement of their Wikium ads in order to make our ads more relevant to you, basing on your use of the website. The following are the third-party advertisers with whom we most often work, who can post cookies or use other tracking technologies, as well as links to additional information about their experience:

Google Adwords: for more information click this link.

Facebook Ads: for more information click this link.

Disable cookies or other tracking technologies

You can change your browser's settings to stop receiving cookies, but, please, note that the Wikium will not function properly without cookies. Usually, you can accept or reject the use of cookies through the functionality built into your web browser. For more information about managing cookie settings and other "private" browsing features in popular browsers, visit the following links:

Mozilla Firefox
Google Chrome
Internet Explorer